How to Use YouTube Comment Moderation Tools like a Rockstar

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How to Use YouTube Comment Moderation Tools like a Rockstar

It’s every social media manager’s nightmare, seeing comments that are completely irrelevant (and inappropriate) popping up on top of the comment thread. Situations like these send social media managers scrambling around to do some damage control, but doing this over and over can be quite stressful, especially if your posts are going viral.

Well, YouTube has heard every social media and content manager’s plea. With their comment moderation tools, you can finally get rid of those irrelevant comments and highlight those that matter the most.

How the YouTube Tools Work

YouTube’s comment moderation tools are definitely a huge help. There are 4 ways by which you can moderate and regulate the comments on your YouTube channel.

1. Customize your moderation settings.

The moderation settings for YouTube are pretty straightforward. Simply go to the “Creator Studio” on your channel, then click on the dropdown menu that says “Community”. Click on Community Settings.

Once on the Community Settings page, you’ll see 3 major areas you can tweak. Add usernames under “Approved Users” if you want these people’s comments to be automatically approved and posted. Add people to “Hidden Users” if you want their comments to be automatically hidden from the comment threads in your channel. Add any word you want to the space allotted for “Blocked Words” so that comments containing these keywords will automatically be subject for review.

You may also opt to automatically allow all comments on your videos, or hold all comments for review under “Default Settings”.

2. Moderate comments manually.

Some find it easier to moderate comments one by one. This is ideal for those whose videos seem to invite only a limited number of people to leave comments.

To manually moderate comments, just click the dots on the upper right corner of every comment box. From there, a dropdown menu will show up. From there, you can pin or remove the comment, or report it for spam or abuse. You can also choose to hide the user’s comments from your channel using this option.

To make things easier, you can go to the “Creator Studio” and once again click on the “Community” tab. From here, you can view the “Comments” section, which displays all comments on your posts. When done this way, the options on each comment becomes different. You can report the post for spam or abuse, hide all comments made by the user, opt to approve all comments made by the user from hereon out, or add the user as one of your comment moderators.

3. Add a comment moderator.

If you want to make the job easier for you, you could always add comment moderators to your channel. This could be anyone – from your own personal assistant, to a social media manager you hired. You can even assign one of your most loyal followers to moderate comments for you.

To add moderators, go to Creator Studio, then go to the Community tab. Go to Community Settings, then look for the Moderators box. Add names here as you wish. Removing them later on is also easy. Just click on the small “x” beside their name, and they’ll be gone from the list.

Worried that your moderators might delete comments you want to retain? No sweat. When they remove comments, they will not automatically be deleted. Instead, they will be subject to your own personal review.

4. Disable comments.

If you don’t want to go through all this, then you can always opt to disable the ability of viewers to leave comments. You can do this by ticking on the appropriate box under Creator Studio.

Of course, you also have to think twice about doing this. Remember that audience engagement is always important, and the comments section is the perfect way to encourage this.

These tools can make the job of any social media manager or content manager easier. Just make sure you choose the most appropriate options for your channel. Just because they make things easier does not mean they are the best for your channel.

Rocking YouTube Content Moderation

To make sure these tools don’t go to waste, here are some final reminders for you:

  • Just because it’s negative does not mean you should delete it. Remember that this is a channel for your followers to connect with you. Delete all comments that you do not agree with, and you will run the risk of making your followers feel that their opinion does not matter. The key here is knowing how to respond.
  • Choose the right moderators. Don’t just assign people for the sake of taking a huge load off your shoulders. Make sure you can trust them to make the right decisions.
  • Be vigilant. Just because you have these awesome tools does not mean you can sit back and relax. Make sure you check your comments section regularly. The moment anything offensive or irrelevant shows up, get rid of it right away. Be especially wary of spambots that could send your followers links that push malware into their system.

Without a doubt, these tools have made YouTube an even better channel for your content. Make the most out of it and you’ll see happy and fully engaged subscribers loving your channel even more.


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