Terms & Conditions

All the users of the KGM website and the services provided within are automatically understood to have read, understood and are obligated to the terms and conditions below:


The following terms used are applicable to each of the terms and conditions discussed hereafter:

The terms client, he, his, she, her, you, and your are used in reference to the person using the KGM website and/or its services.

The terms the company, ourselves, our, us and we are used to refer to KGM and the KGM website.

The terms above are considered interchangeable whether they are used in plural or singular form, capitalized or not.

These terms are applicable to the proposal, deliberation, and acknowledgement of the agreement between the client and KGM, according to and subject to the laws of the Czech Republic. These terms are applied to all and any form of formal and informal meetings conducted that review the needs and demands of the client, the method KGM will use to deliver those needs and demands, and the client’s payment for all services delivered.

Exceptions and Limitations of Liability

These terms and conditions, as well as all other data found on this website, are given “as is”. Bound by all provisions of the laws of the Czech Republic, KGM considers and uses the following exceptions and limitations of liability:

  • Any representation of the KGM website and all of its content provided by branches, partners, associates or third party companies, covering and related to any form of inaccuracy within this website and in all other literature produced by the company.
  • Any damages that may arise as a direct or indirect result of the use of this website, which includes the loss of business or profit whether direct or indirect, regardless if the loss was foreseen or reported to KGM; any damage to computer software, hardware, programs, and systems, loss of or damage to data, and all other damages, whether inconsequential or consequential, indirect or direct.

All information given in this website is provided free of charge. Therefore, you automatically accept that KGM and its employees and representatives cannot be held liable for this website and any piece of information included or downloaded.

KGM continuously strives to ensure that all materials provided within this website are correct at the time of publication but cannot affirm their integrity and accuracy. We cannot fully commit that this website and the associated files and materials provided will be constantly available nor do we accept responsibility for keeping any material being kept up-to-date even if we share the information freely.

We will not be responsible for any loss or damage, whether consequential, direct or indirect, that arises under this disclaimer or in connection to this website.

Nothing included in this disclaimer shall exclude or limit our liability for fraud, death or personal injury caused by any form of negligence on our part or any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under the applicable laws.

Links from and to Other Websites

KGM does not audit, control or follow any content from third party websites that we link to or that link to us. Any link from our website to theirs and vice versa does not necessarily mean that KGM shares or endorses their opinions and the material that they publish or endorse. In the same manner, we cannot be held responsible for their privacy, data collection, and security practices.

We encourage all users to use the KGM website carefully and to be aware once they leave this website and follow a link that leads to a different one. We prompt all users to review and understand the privacy policies of other websites they visit to ensure their safety. KGM will not be liable for any loss or damage that will be caused by your submission of any piece of personal information to third party websites.


The trademarks, designs, logos, and service marks (collectively to be referred to as “Trademarks”) used and shown on this website are part of KGM’s registered and unregistered trademarks. Other trademarks, service marks and trade names may be owned by others. Nothing on this website should be seen as granting, by implication or otherwise, any permission or license to use any of these trademarks and other site intellectual property without prior written permission given by KGM. This includes the name KGM as displayed on this website.

Availability of Company Services

KGM strives to provide timely, uninterrupted, and error-free services to the best of its ability but cannot guarantee this. Therefore, using the services of KGM means that you give KGM, its employees, affiliates, and agents, security against all losses or damages caused by any reason and in any form.

Payment for Company Services

Payments are made through bank transfer or through PayPal. For orders less than $2000, we require 100% advanced payments. For orders $2000 and above, we require 50% to be paid in advance and the balance to be paid upon delivery of half the work. The client shoulders all transaction charges and applicable taxes. All goods and services remain property of KGM until they are paid for in full. Any balance left unpaid by the due date accumulates at an interest rate of 2% on top of the prevailing base rate of the Czech National Bank until the total amount is fully paid.

After 30 days, KGM reserves the right to demand for the unpaid balance using the small claims court or collection agencies. When this occurs, the client is responsible for any court costs, as well as any other administrative costs incurred.

We do not retain any form of payment details, including credit card information, neither do we share other forms of customer information with any third party.

Delivery Policy

Written content is delivered in document format and will be available for client use the moment it is completed.

Other types of content are made in their respective formats and will be available for client use the moment they are completed.

Delivery is made on or before the date agreed upon between KGM and the client at the time of order. Should there be any delay, the client will receive a notification within 72 hours of ordering the product or service.

Project Specific Terms

Terms specific to the project will be discussed before it is started. Should there be service level disputes, they will be discussed based on the terms and requirements agreed upon at the start of the project. This set of terms and conditions and reasonable business practices will also be considered.


Clients are given an unlimited number of revisions on delivered work, if the initial requirements of the order are not met, as long as requests are made within 7 calendar days of delivery.

Refund Policy

The only instance when a full refund is allowed is when the request is made within an hour of making the payment. The refund will be processed once any applicable transaction charges are deducted from the total amount. No refunds will be given once work has started on the project.

Force Majeure

Neither KGM nor the client will be liable for failing to follow the terms of the agreement if the failure is a result of any event beyond either party’s control. These events include but are not limited to any acts of God such as earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters; terrorism, political insurgences, war, uprisings, riots, insurrections, acts of military or civil authority, civil unrest or any other man-made or natural circumstances beyond either party’s control which could have been impossible to foresee.

The party that experiences such events should immediately inform the other party as soon as possible, and use all reasonable means to follow the terms and conditions of any agreement made.


Failure of any of the parties to adhere to the provision of any of the terms of the agreement or to exercise any of the rights entitled to them is not equivalent to and does not establish a waiver, and does not lessen or alter the obligations of any of the parties under the agreement. No waiver will be in effect unless both parties involved definitively state and sign anything as such.

Failure of KGM to implement any provisions of the agreement, or failing to utilize the choice to terminate the agreement should not be seen as a waiver of any of the provisions set out in the terms and conditions. Circumstances like these will not have any effect on the validity of any agreement in the future, the legality of the terms and conditions, or KGM’s right to put any provision into effect in the future.

General Considerations

These terms and conditions, as part of the agreement between KGM and the client, are covered by the laws of the Czech Republic. Your access to the KGM website and/or use of any of KGM’s services demonstrates that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated as well as its disclaimers, and is seen as a form of consent to these terms and conditions and to the Czech courts’ jurisdiction should there be any dispute.

Your legal rights as a consumer are not influenced by our terms and conditions.

Any terms and conditions (including but not limited to those stated above) that are seen as invalid or impossible to enforce will be dismissed from this agreement while the remaining provisions will still be applied.

These terms and conditions will not be changed or altered except in writing and only upon definitive approval of authorized KGM representatives.

Notification of Changes

KGM reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions any time they see it as necessary. Continuing to use this website represents your agreement to any changes made. Because of this, you are advised to review these terms and conditions regularly.


We use several email addresses to deal with different types of inquiries. These email addresses, as well as other contact information can be found on the KGM website, through company literature, or through the telephone number given.

Copyright Notice

You may view, download for caching purposes, and print pages from the website provided that:

  • You will not republish material from this website (including republication on another website), reproduce or store material from this website in any public or private digital recovery system.
  • No information provided in this website is used in affiliation with any other commercial websites or manipulated in any other way without KGM’s written consent.
  • You will not delete, edit or otherwise modify anything published on this website.