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Microsoft Buys LinkedIn: What Happens Next?

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn: What Happens Next?

It was early June when the entire social media and business worlds were rocked by the news – Microsoft was buying LinkedIn for $26.2B.

It was a familiar scenario, much like the one we saw when Facebook bought WhatsApp. Both brands maintained their individual character, and nothing much changed except for the people running everything.

As for LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner remains as CEO, reporting directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

But what kind of impact has this acquisition had on the world of social media? LinkedIn is, after all, the go-to platform for B2B communities. It has also become the main platform used by businesses and professionals for recruitment purposes.

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Google’s People Operations Guru Laszlo Bock Retiring

Google’s People Operations Guru Laszlo Bock Retiring

Google’s Senior VP of People Operations for the past decade, Laszlo Bock, has announced his retirement. Bock will be replaced by Sales VP Eileen Naughton, who has been with Google for the past 10 years and will be coming from the London office.

Bock is best known for his innovative ideas in terms of recruitment and employee benefits. Google is known for their unique workplace culture, something that can be credited to Bock. Under Bock’s supervision, Google has created some of the most enjoyable workplaces in the world, and has changed the way Silicon Valley takes care of their employees. It was also under Bock’s leadership that Google became the first tech company to reveal their diversity numbers.

Google’s Human Resources department covers almost 70,000 employees. As for the company’s recruitment wing, they process around 2.5 million resumes year after year.

Naughton is the 4th woman who will be holding a senior role in the past year alone. The three who came before her were CFO Ruth Porat, Policy Chief Caroline Atkinson and Enterprise guru Diane Greene. She was Managing Director of Sales for Google UK and Ireland, and is also board member of L’Oreal. She also founded an internal organization called Women@Google.

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LinkedIn Acquires Social Selling StartUp PointDrive

LinkedIn Acquires Social Selling StartUp PointDrive

In an effort to boost their product list and to drive their social selling efforts, LinkedIn has officially acquired PointDrive, a startup that aims to help salespeople close deals more efficiently. Through this acquisition, LinkedIn is hoping to strengthen the way that buyers and sellers engage through their platform, making LinkedIn an even more powerful tool for every sales- and businessperson online.

Details of the deal have not been disclosed just yet, but it looks like this is part of LinkedIn’s effort to strengthen their Sales Solutions unit, which, at the moment, is not at its strongest. This makes the entire LinkedIn team excited about the possibilities. LinkedIn VP David Thatcher says that they are looking forward to integrating PointDrive products into their Sales Solutions.

PointDrive’s main goal is to make it easier for sales professionals to create packages that their potential clients won’t be able to refuse. This can be done through the customization of their sales content, as well as the ability to share this content with the people on their client list. By having visual elements on their side, the prospects get to understand the products better and can make more informed buying decisions. As for the part of the seller, the engaging material will allow them to close deals more effectively.

LinkedIn has proven how effective PointDrive’s products are through previous interactions as the brand’s customers. This means that they can personally attest to the fact that PointDrive products actually work and have become important tools for their global sales team.

As for PointDrive CEO and Founder Bill Burnett, he has expressed deep gratitude to all the investors who supported them along the way. He has announced that their product and development teams will soon be housed in LinkedIn’s offices in San Francisco. As for their front liners, they will remain in PointDrive’s Chicago offices.

No announcements have been made whether PointDrive’s products will be priced separately from LinkedIn’s products for now. But without a doubt, this could push an even bigger boost to LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions, a department that enjoyed a 55% year-by-year increase in sales.

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Facebook Almost at Its Maximum Ad Limit for Each User

Facebook Almost at Its Maximum Ad Limit for Each User

Facebook CFO Dave Wehner announced this week that although they are enjoying considerable revenue through Facebook Ads, they are nearing the point where they can no longer show additional ads on their users’ newsfeeds.

Wehner says that they want each user’s newsfeed to show the perfect balance between ads and organic content. This means that they have set a specific ad load that would allow them to maintain this balance. And by this time next year, that load will be reached, if things continue on their current course.

What does this mean? Simply put, Facebook has a maximum amount of ads that it can show to each user so that the user experience will remain positive. And at this point, Facebook is at the verge of reaching that limit.

Basically, Facebook would have to do two things if they want to continue enjoying the huge numbers that their ads are bringing in while keeping their users happy. One would be to add more users, and another would be to improve the way their ads work.

Adding users will, of course, not be a problem. In the last quarter alone, Facebook earned 60 million new users. As far as improving their ads are concerned, however, they may need to look at the possibility of short-form video content and other similar formats. Of course, video ads are always a tough sell, so they are still in the process of getting more ideas that would allow them to push further.

In the last quarter alone, Facebook earned a whopping $6.2 billion, which explains what a huge impact this could have on their business. This is also one possible reason why Facebook has begun hiring people who will most likely be able to contribute fresh ideas to the team, one of which is College Humor’s Ricky Van Veen.

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