About KGM

Who is KGM?

We are a creative solution

KGM started out in 2012 as a very ambitious hobby by two network engineers, Kam and Geri, but later blossomed into a passion that quickly hooked our friends and family. To everyone who got a gist of it, it was akin to reading a very good book – it drew them in, grabbed them by the neck, and refused to let go. Our content always managed to leave an impression to whoever reads it.

We got a lot of positive response so we decided to soldier on and get really serious about it. My partner and I spent months screening for the best and most passionate individuals to join our team and created a road map for our vision of where we wanted this to go.This is how we started; we are growing step by step, with steady confidence.


Despite the growth of the hobby into something bigger, we still hold on to our original values and that is to make sure that we share, create, and present only the best content in whatever form it takes. We have had a lot of happy customers in the last several years and we are happy to say that we are learning from them as well.

What motivates us?

The years have quickly come and gone, and we are happy to say that the drive to make people happy and bring them real value has not diminished one bit. We still support the idea that our job is to help increase awareness in people since that is the only way they can cope with our increasingly challenging world. It might seem ambitious to some but we realize that simply by improving the content of the things people read online, we are already helping improve the world.

There is so much useless content online and we fear for the people that become exposed to such content. Our passion lies not just in improving content but it also extends to helping people, and by improving the quality of the information that they immerse themselves with online, we are already making a difference.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to make a difference and bring our clients real value that helps their business grow. When we deliver fresh, informative content that helps businesses and also their customers, then we consider it a job well done and a goal met at the end of the day.

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Our Core Team of Experts

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Finding the right people that share our passion to deliver fresh, informative, and high-quality content was never easy but it was never something that we took lightly. Our headquarters is in Prague, Czech Republic – a city with a rich and colorful history that makes it a delightful melting pot of people from all over the world; from places like the UK, USA, and Canada to countries halfway around the world like Australia and New Zealand. Should you wish to have a chat with our marketing experts, feel free to get in touch with anyone from our customer front-liners. They are more than happy to accommodate any requests you might have or answer any of your queries.

But it is not just our marketing experts who work around the clock to deliver high-quality content; a lot of our success also comes from our strong team of professional content creators and designers, editors, proofreaders, writers and social media specialists. All of our writers, editors and proofreaders are native English speakers that have degrees in English, Journalism, Arts, Literature, and Business. These degrees give them the ability to create but the main reason they come up with such great content is because they have a passion for quality.

We are aware that some other companies can brag about the same but what makes us really stand out is that with our team, the learning never stops. We will learn about your business, your competition (keeping things confidential, of course!), your prospects, and your goals. We then use that knowledge to come up with compelling copy that meets your objectives. Our education together with our experience has given us the ability to create well-organized, succinct, and creative copy to suit different types of businesses in a variety of industries.

Sharing Our Knowledge 

Friends share all things

We confess to being devoted to pursuing the highest peak of content marketing heights and we love to conquer every challenge that we meet on our way to the top. We believe that success should be shared and that we can grow faster if we grow with others – this is why we are very open to sharing our knowledge with others in our community.

We realize the importance of keeping up to date with the latest technology and trends so we can carry out our duties and projects; thus, we have a commitment to sharing information and our expertise to others in the same industry that want to learn from us and what we do.

To see some of our work, have a look at our blog to get an idea of what we do in this dynamic industry we work in. If you like our blog, you may also want to take a look at our social media profiles.