3 Secrets Pro Marketers Use to Personalize Content

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3 Secrets Pro Marketers Use to Personalize Content

Research has been done. Markets have been observed. Consumers have been asked. And with all the data gathering efforts, it seems that the answer is the same. Personalization does wonders for any marketing campaign.

Especially when it comes to content, personalization has a different effect on its audience. In fact, a market research firm called Gartner predicts that by next year, businesses who have taken extra measures to personalize their campaigns will easily outsell businesses that did not by up to 20%.

This much is already evident as early as now, even if the statistic isn’t slated to be proven until next year. Businesses like Netflix, Amazon, and Walmart have been walking the extra mile to make the entire experience as personal as possible for their market.

The Barriers to Personalization

If you’re running a business and haven’t personalized your marketing yet, what’s your excuse?

So far, these are the common barriers that business-owners and marketers complain about, based on a survey by Demand Metric:

  • 59% say they don’t have the technology required
  • Another 59% says they do not have the resources or bandwidth needed
  • 53% says they don’t have the required data
  • 28% find it too difficult
  • 14% are not aware or do not fully understand the benefits of personalization
  • 6% have tried it but find that their efforts didn’t work

Now, remember that in any marketing approach, you have to be willing to jump right in and do everything required to maximize the results. It’s the same case for personalized content. Some of these barriers, you may be able to relate to. But remember – the investment you’ll be giving towards this effort will give you a lot more than what you’ve been promised. You just have to make sure that you do it right.


Doing Personalized Content Marketing Right

How do you personalize your content the right way?

Here three tried-and-tested tips that can finally give you the results you’ve been waiting for:

1. Treat it as one tool in your toolkit.

Yes, content personalization yields amazing results. But make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You have a lot of other strategies to put into place, all of them complementing each other.

This is one mistake that others make. They focus too much on personalization and forget about all other steps they need to take. They forget about working on their SEO, or putting funding into their ads. This can prove to be catastrophic.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’ve worked hard into personalizing a certain blog post. You made sure you addressed specific issues that are relevant to a specific niche. However, with all the personalization, you forgot to factor some SEO into it. So how do you think will the concerned people discover it?

2. Think about what your content is for.

When you get personal, it’s important that you look at the different angles you can use in creating your content. But don’t overthink it. Think about it. What do you want your personalized content to be specific to?

  • Audience-based

Audience-based content usually captures a more general audience. It basically caters to your brand’s overall vision. If this is the case, you’ll have to work on your blogs, any promotional videos, your website copy, the newsletters you send out to followers, and your social media posts.

  • Industry-specific

You may want to focus on sharing how your product or service offers a clear solution to a specific industry. In this case, you should focus on sharing testimonials, case studies, interviews, spotlight stories, ads and webinars.

  • Event-based

This is usually a short-term effort. It’s geared towards a specific event, like a contest or a promo running at a limited time. In this case, you’d better put your attention into promotional decks, product decks, FAQ’s, training videos, and other similar content.

  • Needs-based

This is an approach that every marketer and business-owner usually wants to focus on. It looks at the main motivators of the audience. It looks at their pain points with the hopes of gaining conversion in the end. In this case, you can look at any kind of content out there. The important thing here is knowing how to remarket or repurpose the content depending on the specific need.

  • Custom content

If there are audiences that have special needs, then custom content is in order. This is about as personalized as personalization gets. You can use any kind of content in the spectrum, depending on what you think works best for the specific need.

Once you pinpoint a specific aspect to concentrate on, personalization will be more on point, instead of confusing, overbearing or overwhelming to the intended audience.

3. Focus on the data.

How do you personalize anything? You find out what the prospective audience likes and needs, and inject that into whatever you’re creating. This is the same rule that applies to content personalization.

The moment you decide to personalize your content, you have to commit to the work of compiling data. You can do this in a direct manner or an indirect one.

Directly, you can talk to your current customers and find out why your brand, products or service appeals to them. Find out which of your promos they enjoyed the most. You can also talk to people who aren’t on your client list yet, but fit your target market.

On an indirect manner, you can check out what other brands, products and services your ideal audience follows. Might as well look into their browsing behavior as well. What pages do they take the most interest in? What pages do they leave right away? Is there anything that pushes them to abandon their carts?

Once you have all the data needed, you can start building content that’s perfect for the people you’re aiming for.

I’m going to warn you as early as now. Content personalization has its own challenges. It’s not as easy as you think. But with that extra push, you can reach targets and have all your content performing better than you ever imagined or experienced. And to me, those kind of results are more than worth the extra work.


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