10 Brands that are Doing Instagram Right

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10 brands on Instagram

Instagram continues to break social media barriers. What was once seen as nothing more than just a photo dump turned out to be a marketing gem.

Come to think of it, the creation of Instagram was actually a stroke of genius. Think about it. Humans are visual creatures. This means that it was bound to catch anyone’s attention right from the start. Now, add a strong marketing potential into the mix and you’ve got brands running around, finding ways to use the tool to their advantage.

Here are some brands that have managed to get ahead of everyone else in this social media race:

As an activewear brand, Lorna Jane has to emphasize that health is not just about how cool you look during workouts. It’s also about showing that health is a lifestyle.

That’s exactly what they’re doing on their Instagram account. It’s not just a bunch of pictures of models wearing sexy sportswear. You’ll see a few videos of women working out, some healthy food, and a number of motivational quotes to keep you going.

If you think felt letterboards have gone out of style, you better think again. The husband and wife team that runs Letterfolk is definitely bringing them back in style! And how do they do it? Why, through Instagram, of course!

What’s interesting about their approach is the fact that they incorporate their products in scenes from everyday life – from using the letterboard for the week’s menu in a small kitchen, to a picture of a daughter on her first day in school. These familiar scenes make the brand very relatable to everyday people, making anyone think, “Hey, I can use a letterboard in my everyday life, too!”

Tentsile’s products are already unique – so that’s already a huge edge. The company makes tree tents. Yes, you read that right. Nope, you don’t pitch them on the ground – you hang them on trees! So they’re part hammock, part treehouse, part tent.

This makes Instagram the perfect social media platform for it. Something that’s hard to describe using words deserves to be shown in the form of breathtaking pictures. And yes, the images on this Instagram account are truly breathtaking. From virgin beaches to lush rainforests, this account is going to make you want to pack your bags and go exploring out there.

WeWork has shared office spaces all over the world. Some of you may wonder, “What’s so interesting about that?” Well, the social media gurus over at WeWork definitely took their photography classes seriously, as seen in the quality of the photos featured on their Instagram account.

And wow, they definitely take great photos! It makes anyone want to work in the spaces they provide.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that they also feature different events they host, labeled with interesting hashtags. One of the best is #DogOfWeWork, where everyone is encouraged to post pictures of their dogs. The best photos were chosen and became part of the following year’s calendar!

Everlane is a fashion brand that knows the huge role their customers play in terms of promoting their brand. This much can be seen with the way they feature pictures of their actual customers wearing their products! You can just imagine how thrilled each customer is when their photo gets featured. It’s the best way to show how much they are appreciated and valued.

Nike has awesome products, sure. But a huge reason why they’ve gotten this big is their amazing marketing campaigns. Of course, social media is one of the things they’ve proven to be great at.

One look at their Instagram profile and you can almost feel the sweat coming out of your screen. Even in those still images, you can feel the passion and intensity these athletes have for their love of the game. Of course, the videos are even more intense, making this Instagram profile a sight to behold.

Kate Spade is known for the individuality and uniqueness of every single piece they sell. It’s a mix of the cute and the elegant, the quirky and the classy. Kate Spade’s social media manager of injecting all of these aspects into everyday life. The profile is filled with adorable images showing OOTDs, random New York City moments, and cute little pets. It’s not just about fashion as seen from runway models – it’s real life.

How many ways can you eat an Oreo?

Oreo’s Instagram account is definitely filled with so many mouthwatering versions of our beloved cookie, from its classic look to cakes and shakes made from bits of it. It’s enough to make you want to grab a pack, pour a glass of milk, and enjoy your Oreo the way you’ve always enjoyed it.

Well, food definitely is an easy sell, especially if it’s something like Ben & Jerry’s. This is one of those instances where you can never take a bad picture. Whether it’s a flat lay or an action shot, a real-life picture or a staged setup, ice cream will always meet the approval of the social media audiences, especially on Instagram.

People think that social media is all about widening a brand’s reach. In reality, there’s a more critical half to the equation – engagement.

This is what The Honest Company is good at. They sell personal care, baby care, cleaning and other similar products. But instead of just featuring pictures of their own line, they also feature a lot of quotes that will encourage people to share and repost.

Instagram is not complicated. It’s all about understanding what people want to see and delivering just that. This is why it has boomed as a marketing tool. It’s more than just product promotion. It’s about knowing who your audiences really are that makes the difference.


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