Should You Create Content Outside Your Niche?

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Should You Create Content Outside Your Niche?

The moment anyone decides to have their own blog, one of the first choices made is the specific niche to focus on. What better way to introduce yourself to your audience than to show them what you’re really good at?

The longer you talk about a single topic however, the higher the chances of you running out of things to make content about. One day, you’ll realize that you have fully saturated the niche. Of course, ideally, this would also mean that you have somehow established a strong presence in the field.

At this point, there’s only one thing to ask yourself. Should you start branching out and creating content that’s outside your niche?

Why You Should Create Content Outside Your Niche

Here are 5 good reasons why that’s exactly what you should do:

  • You can widen your reach.

Stay within your niche and you’ll be talking to the same people over and over again. Every piece of content you post will only be seen by your usual audience, unless a sudden boom is seen in the field, which would bring in new eyes and ears into the group.

The moment you step out of your niche, you get to meet and interact with people who have probably never seen your work before. You now have a new audience to wow, a new group to share insights with. And when you’re in the blogging business, you probably know how valuable a wider reach is.

  • You can make people realize how important your niche is to them, after all.

There are two kinds of audiences that you should concern yourself with. You have the audience that already knows how important your niche is to them. They may be working in the same industry and use your content for guidance. They may also be from other fields that find your niche to be useful to them. This audience, you are already connected to. They are the same people you talk to with every piece of content you publish.

The other group, on the other hand, would be the kind of audience you probably haven’t thought about. When you play your cards right, they can actually be part of the first group. These are the people who have yet to realize what level of importance your niche has. By connecting with them over something outside your focus niche, you can eventually pull them in, get them interested in your home niche, and make them realize that they do need your niche, after all.

  • You can show who you really are.

It’s understandable that your home niche shows what you’re good at. However, this does not cover everything about you. We’re pretty sure you have more to share, and creating some content outside your niche could show that.

Show various audiences that you’re more than what they see at the moment. Venturing outside your comfort zone could also surprise you and show you more sides to yourself. You can stretch your boundaries and prove that you can do more.

  • You can refresh your brain.

Write about the same thing over and over again, and one day you’ll realize that you’re starting to sound robotic. It’s not that you’re losing the skill or talent – they’re always going to be there. But what you might be losing is your heart. And when this happens, you would need some serious recharging to get your right back to that same level of excitement that you used to have the first few times you did this.

Write about something else and feel yourself getting excited over something again. Especially if this is a niche you have never really explored in detail before, the research could be fun and interesting. Before you know it, your brain will be overflowing with creative juices once again.

  • You learn new things.

Just because you’re a master of your niche does not mean that you should stop there. Remember that when you stop moving forward, you will eventually find the world passing you by.

The moment you make the decision to try something new, you also open up the opportunity to learn. That’s exactly what happens the moment you start stepping outside your home niche and exploring areas outside of it.

Without a doubt, creating content outside your niche could be the best thing for you to do at this point. There’s a huge part of the world that you haven’t explored just yet, and this is the best way to jump right into it.

Making It Happen

So how can you make this happen?

Venturing out of your home niche may feel like you’re starting over again. Don’t worry, as long as you remember these tips, you’ll do just fine.

  • Do research – lots of it.
  • Bring your own voice into the new niche – it’s going to set you apart from the veterans.
  • Ask questions, don’t be the one doing all the talking all the time.
  • Follow established influencers in this new niche.
  • Learn as much as you can and find ways to relate and incorporate new learning into your home niche.

Now, are you ready to explore? Find a new niche to jump into and get started now.


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